And it’s dead

Not quite, but yes, TRPG game will be switched to silence development for time being. It doesn’t mean project is dead for good, it means that team is too busy with ours new project to fulfil decent progress on this game.
And to compensate this we will announce ours next game in 2 weeks. Stay tuned!

Update #15

Hello everyone this is Update #15

This week was hard for us. I finished working on screen message system. The on screen message system shows things like damage taken, heals, buffs, debuffs and status updates.

But most importantly, one of our games is now on steam. You can find Kanji Training Game on steam right now.

Thank you all for all of your support with KTG.

Next time
This week will be spent polishing the current code for the combat.
As well as gem table improvements.

Update #13

This week update is last before video update!

I did implemented basic text event system, where your decisions will affect battles and conditions of your troops. Besides this i’ll try to do this as moddable as possible.

I did finalize and link up a lot of coding, and few coding mistakes was surfaced up.

In next update, i’ll spice up UI, and we will shoot first video update. We will probably do video update every month.

Update #12

Hello everyone

This week’s update is a short one.

This week I was not be able to implement the UI.

The ability to build buildings is done, but some functionality is not yet enabled.

The mana system has been added. Mana is currency, to pay for items or services.

Besides this, I started implementing the text event system. This system will create randomized text events, which can appear at the beginning of your turn. It may contain different events with choices which will affect your gameplay or status in one way or another.

Next time:
The next update is very important, i’ll finalize a lot of stuff. The following one will be the first video update. Don’t expect to see everything or amazing graphics but it will be better than looking at still pictures.

Update #11

Hello everyone.
Base AI coding was implemented, AI will work on template system, so different character got different way they behave. Right now Agressive Hold Position template was implented, this template will attack anyone who will be in his area of reach, he will simply run down your character and start attacking. More indepths AI will be implented later on.

While i do coding ours artists work on art for a game, Katherina started making sketches for monsters, and Terran Thomas do UI right now.

By the way, Targhen Games got greenlit on ours previous game Kanji Training Game. Thank you for all support! It will be available soon!

Next time :
More prettier UI
Buildings on global map
Mana system

Update #10

Hello everyone we are closing in to first gameplay video. Right now, date of first gameplay video is September 20!

I implemented first version of icons(from Terran Thomas) for radial menu.

Global map interaction was implemented. Global map gameplay is turn base and consist of this phases :
1 – is placing a new hex of land.
2 – preparing yourself and moving your group around, at this phase you can, engage in combat, you can build new buildings on map, you can change your customization
3 – enemy place a hex
4 – enemy movement
5 – enemy special event
6 – enemy combat

Each hex has 3 main parametrs
Mana income – give you mana, times by all mana amlifying in adjusted hexes
Mana amplifying – will increase mana income in all adjusted hexes.
Influence – this is how much you control this hex.

There will be 4 buildings in the game
Mana Well – Increase mana income in present hex.
Mana Amplifier – Increase mana amplifying.
Watch Tower – Increase influence in present hex and all adjusted hexes.
Gem Mine – give you gems for customization each turn, but decrease mana income.

Turn order or names is subject to change and may be changed later in development.

Initiating combat has been implemented.

In next update
Basic Combat AI

Update #9

Hello everyone with this week update!

Terran Thomas, finished with uncolored icons for radial menu, I’ll put them into game in next update. Stay tuned next week!

Global map generation was implemented, now you can put plots of land in your world.
The idea is your team will compete with “beast” in domination and sustaining this world. This beast will affect your progress of world creation, while you will create world and train until you will be able to launch last attack and take down “beast”. Beast will spawn a packs which will move around your land and corrupt lands. If to many of your lands will be corrupted your world will be overrun by “beast” and you will be forced to adondened this world. More detailes about world map and gameplay in coming updates.

Next week I’ll add more interaction with map, plus combat initialization!

Update #8 First Art demonstration

Hello everyone.

Here is first Art update from Terran Thomas, this is art for ours icons in radial menu. I encounter few problems with uploading images to steam, so i’ll show only 1 which did uploaded without problem, i’m sorry.

Table of gem is added to items to, so items can be customized by gems.
I did finished gem table, now gems slots can be linked into groups to create synergy. You can buff effectivity of gem by linking them. Here is list of examples.
Stat Gem + Stat Multiplier Gem = Stat Gem attributes timed by Stat Multiplier from second gem
Skill Gem + Stat Multiplier Gem = Skill stat damage type multiplier + stat damage type multiplier from second gem
Skill Gem + Damage Type Multiplier = Skill damage type multiplier + damage type multiplier from second gem

Next update is world map, which you will craft.